We give all the necessary to build applications, making sure that you won’t be worried for your system installations, housing infrastructure, performance, scalability or availability.

Design and creation

Designer, dashboard designer, data base and soon BPM.


Runtime web y mobile.

Access to all the components with a Lappiz Services plan that cover all your needs in users storing and quantities that use your applications.

We want to talk you, we have a solution tailored to your needs.


We design different accompaniment ways from our experts and evolve from a classic software model to the Customer success to transform your projects in success with experience beyond your expectations and needs.


We give support to make possible the goals for those clients who wants to do development in a autonomous way.


We take the direction of our client's projects who can't lose the focus of their operations and for their business model can't have our consulters in their facilities.


Is our most successful model, we assign resources from our consulters in the client's facilities to have the experience of the client's operations and bring solutions according to the client's needs.

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