¿What is Lappiz?

Lappiz provides a low-code automation platform
to create business applications in record time

¿Why Lappiz?

One platform, many benefits.


time and costs between 40% to 60% compared with custom development.


with new features released every week

Speed Up

Develop and deploy up to 20x faster.


intuitive interface and simplified user experience


integrations, web and mobile applications in record time


use your existing applications, databases or services


move your existing aplications in a simple and faster way. We keep Lappiz and all the components updated without any additional costs.

Make easy

Easy to use, easy to deploy and affordable

Experience the power and speed of Lappiz

Made with Lappiz

Real cases, testimonials from clients that trust Lappiz.

Contact us


Carrera 48 #76D sur – 52, Sabaneta
Mall Vegas Plaza (Oficina 302)
Tel: (+57) (4) 520 82 40 Ext.122

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