Acquire or build software solutions
in the new normal?

The situation that the world is experiencing nowdays is a resounding change, customs have changed, the market has changed, the way of doing business has changed, and undoubtedly shows us that technology is quite lacking. Many companies have basic technological implementations, either for having a very low budget or for not having detected a need as critical as the current circumstances reveal to us, in these conditions and with the imminent need to reactivate or enhance our companies or businesses, We are entering the new normal, the world will never be the same or it will take us a long time to achieve it.

The challenge then is to implement technology and the million-dollar question is: Acquire or build? It is a reality that commercial software can have many advantages, but before making a decision that can bring an impact in our business, it is important to ask ourselves, does an important or strategic part of our business operate in a particular way? We find systems that adapt to only 50% of our business and we end up adjusting the operation with Excel tables or printed formats, we have too many manual or human tasks that affect the productivity and profitability of the operation, such as double typing or using multiple systems generating silos of data, the information is insufficient to make decisions or worse to have historical information to know our own journey, sometimes it is just an illusion, the applications that the company has work well, but they have been the same for many years and they are outdated, operate without being aligned with the reality of the business, communication with the client is completely manual, etc. The panorama seems to indicate that custom development is a feasible solution, however, other points should also be taken into account such as:

Budget: Building apps can be more expensive in the short term.

Developers: Currently maintaining qualified development staff is complex.

Time to market: The custom development regularly takes an important time which would not allow you to react as fast as the new normal demands

Confidence: How to know if my investment is going to meet the goals.

Best practices: if our knowledge of application development is basic, how will we know if our solution will have the availability in the future, it will be easy to maintain and scale.

The picture seems quite complex, so who can help us now?

«Low code platforms can drive true digital transformation and start building the company you want in the future»

There are several alternatives to this problem, but one that has been gaining strength in recent years is Low Code platforms, with these it can be developed easily and quickly, achieving solutions tailored to the business at all levels, including with a single effort it is possible to have web and mobile applications, which can eliminate the dependence on programmers, and that is not all… What if with basic knowledge you are able to continue building and improving applications, that would be a real solution.

Could you imagine that your customers can place orders directly in your application, or if you can generate service orders that your customers sign on the mobile device, that your customers are able to track their orders, that you could integrate with others applications and carry out information via web and mobile, have control tables with information in real time, reduce time and effort in operation by converting formats into applications, implement barcodes, in short, many possibilities that this kind of platform can provides you and the best, easy and fast.

We have our own platform called Lappiz, we work to make it powerful and reliable, we can also help you with the construction of your solutions. We want to know you, understand your needs and support you by giving you strength to your business. Leave us your details and let’s start working together

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